When’s the Best Age to Get Braces?

Does it seem like just about everyone you know has had some form of orthodontic treatment or is planning to get it? It’s no coincidence! Orthodontics is not just about making pretty smiles; it’s about setting you and your family up for better health for a lifetime!

It might be hard to believe that straight teeth can impact our entire body and well-being, but it’s true. The timeline of when you get orthodontic care can be important, too. Dr. Sandifer sees patients of all ages at her offices in Jackson and Brandon. With her years of experience, she has advice to share on when is the best time to get orthodontic treatment, what the benefits are, and the best treatment options to choose from! 

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Who Should Get Orthodontic Treatment?

The truth is that almost everyone could benefit from some kind of orthodontic treatment. Some people have more severe alignment cases than others, with a few people needing little intervention at all. But those are the exceptions to the rule. Most of us could use a little orthodontic support to create an aligned and healthy smile.

But what age should you consider going to the orthodontist? Most doctors recommend that children around the age of seven have their initial consultation with an orthodontist. Because children’s bones are still growing, this is the perfect time to establish healthy growth patterns for their jaws and teeth. It can prevent more serious interventions later on, like surgery. 

Often, a dentist will refer children to an orthodontist, but even if you haven’t received a referral, you can still call one of the Sandifer Orthodontics offices to schedule your own appointment. Don’t let anything hold you back from getting the healthy teeth you and your kids deserve!

But what about adults? It’s never too late to improve your jaw and teeth alignment! Taking care of problems as an adult might help prevent even worse problems as you age, so definitely schedule your own consult appointment to see how orthodontics can help you!

What Are the Benefits?

When we talk about almost everyone benefiting from orthodontics, what exactly does that look like? Here are a few key examples:

  • It becomes easier to clean your teeth and prevent tooth decay 
  • It aligns the jaw and bite to decrease pain in the jaw, neck, and head 
  • It improves your ability to chew food, also improving digestive health
  • It broadens nasal passages for easier breathing
  • It reduces wear and tear on tooth enamel, preventing chipping, sensitivity, cavities, and more
  • It can boost confidence and improve mental and physical health
  • It can improve speaking abilities
When’s the Best Age to Get Braces?

What are the Treatment Options?

Sandifer Orthodontics offers a number of different treatment options, and Dr. Sandifer is always looking for new ways to care for her patient’s health! Here are a few common ones that she may recommend depending on your unique oral health needs:


Invisalign clear aligners are a great option for many teens and adults who have mild to medium challenging cases. We often recommend Invisalign because it is so convenient, nearly invisible, and more comfortable than most other treatment options. Invisalign works through a series of retainers that, over time, will slowly shift teeth into alignment. If you are concerned about your appearance or about keeping braces clean, Invisalign could be a great fit for you or your child!

Metal Braces

Though braces might seem old school, over the years, the technology has greatly improved, which makes braces a great choice for many patients. Those who have more severe bite or misalignment problems typically benefit from the strength of braces, as well as kids who aren’t ready to keep up with retainers. Don’t let the metal grin deter you from this very effective treatment option. 

Clear Braces

For those who might need braces but would prefer them to be more on the discreet side, clear braces are a perfect fit! This treatment is made from tooth-colored ceramic and will blend in seamlessly with your smile. Again, if cosmetics are a factor for you, ask Dr. Sandifer about clear braces. 

Palatal Expanders

A palatal expander is a device put into the roof of the mouth that will create some resistance and eventually make more space for teeth to grow along the upper jaw. These are used primarily with children and are great for those who have smaller mouths. This will reduce the need for more serious orthodontic interventions later on and can help once it’s time for a full set of braces or Invisalign. 

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase treatment is when a child starts their orthodontic treatment at a younger age to set them up for success with more thorough treatment later. Using tools like a palatal expander or a smaller set of braces, two-phase treatment is another way that Dr. Sandifer supports a child’s development and achieves the healthy and aligned smiles that will serve them for the rest of their life!

When’s the Best Age to Get Braces?

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